Wednesday, August 3, 2011

צִפּוֹרָה meaning 'bird'

It's Tziporah Salamon, daughter of a tailor and a seamstress and a star in the advanced style echelons.. She has lately made it to my personal top 5 favourite-persons-ever list, an achievement from which only I have benefited (yet!).

Tziporah is the best dresser on the block, she bikes it everywhere in her layered story-telling outfits.. imbuing the streets with splendour. I dream of waking up and waving at her from my window as she bikes down the road in a flurry of japanese embroidery, multicioloured fringing and the ever important hat.

The links I've included say it all.. I can only merely hint at her perceptive talents of dressing up and looking gorgeous whatever her age. She always manages to look impeccable in the most graphic of prints which have the potential to drain and overshadow mere mortals like you and me, but Tziporah carries them off like a perfect fauvist composition. She's my all time favourite pierrot!

Whoever said black is the understated tamer option, deserves a *tonk on the head with that lovely umbrella

A younger Tziporah justifying the wearing of quilted jackets for generations to come

Having no hips helps the 20s silhouette greatly. I keep trying.. to no avail.

Several photos are lifted directly off her own website.. the blue and white combination rocks my embroidered boat!

Her outfit building always starts off from a statement hat.. I like that a lot, of course

aaah *cries a little bit!

Oh dear lord! the stuff of picture perfection: roses, cloche hat, round glasses and low heeled shoes

With her best dressed acquaintances. Check this lovely blog out:

This, despite the admirable professionalism of the first photos, is possibly my favourite. It shows Tziporah as I see her in my dreams.. making dressing-up wildly a very possible thing indeed!

Here are two particularly enlightening clips out of several I keep going back to with relation to Tziporah's world and that of her partners in much-appreciated-'fashion'-crime:

and a link that offers a glimpse into her wonderful apartment.. I honestly couldn't have expected anything less awe-inspiring:

And with this post I am solemnly promising a hat in her honour in the very near future.


  1. I am left speechless. Thank you so much for this tribute!
    I am so very touched, moved, and honored.