Monday, August 15, 2011

*Puss in Boots* mi lady!

Get your chilled beverage of choice and celebrate with me as I hereby launch the mini *Puss in Boots* collection with the first ever neck piece and complementing bracelet in the series.. Puss being the craftiest cat in the canon (or is he? .. either way he surely is the best dressed) I've decided to pay some sort of tribute by commemorating a number of his heroic exploits in costume jewellery items I shall be duly uploading phootos of in the coming months.. 5 pieces in all.. no more no less.. get in touch if you like any of if you happen to have stories of wiser cats from around the world. Here's 'Puss and the Partridges' where the wily cat feigns sleep in order to trap some juicy game.

These two pieces have already made it to a new home in the guise of a birthday present.. hope they pleased!

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