Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mission Decor

'Impatience' being my middle name, I just cannot wait till I get my new sewing-room kitted out. I have several cushion and pelmet plans I need to see through before I get back to work.. so in a bid to alleviate the pain and brighten the mood of the room I unearthed a stash of mismatched tassels and hung them around the place.. they make me happy and add height to the room when seen in succession.

mental note: please get new lightbulb.. hanging a noose.. i mean.. tassel round a burnt out bulb just makes it look even dead-er.

On a lighter note.. here's a chocolate brown fascinator I finished lately. It has sky blue lace motifs and hand pleated and threaded zig-zag leaves to match a dress it will accompany.

And this gem of a perfume box I bring to your attention in the hope of getting some answers. I had bought this a while back from a charity bazaar and being the perfume lover that I am, went straight to the internets for answers about the label.. SADKO. But answers I found not. The perfumes are heady and intoxicating.. they probably smell better now that they're aged, plus they come in a wonderful satiny cardboard box with a subtle japanese flower motif. So.. have you ever encountered the brand? If anyone happens to have some information about it I'd be very happy if you could share.

Thank you just in case.. and before I leave you.. a gratuitous picture of my cat making mayhem with my sewing stuffs.. I'm sure it's the moving paper and tape but I'd like to think he's the re-incarnation of a savile row tailor! Tailor Gustav of the lovely grey suit.

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