Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ehh.. blissful morn(s)!

Since I made it back to the island my energy has been almost entirely devoted to making them bloody curtains. Haven't been to the sea once.. shame oh shame.. instead I've been cooped up indoors watching youtube stand-up comedy clips as I pin away at seemingly endless seams (aa pun).

But free mornings (free from strict working hours away from the home) have seen me take a casual philosophical bent to life... the day stretches out in front of you.. full of possibility.. I can now wake up at the decent hour of 8am (after having stayed up till 1am.. a decent adult hour to stay up till) and make my own iced-tea, treat myself to a visit to the Farmers' Market in Ta' Qali (I just cannot suggest this enough: low prices and cliche farmer friendliness, no sheep shagging, bliss) and cook up the healthy weekly menu I've been promising myself .. yesterday was grilled tomato, mushroom and olive 'stew' and a chicken and egg-noodle side.. today it's GAZPACHO!! (and grilled fat-ass marrow!)

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