Monday, July 1, 2013

Thank you Bridgette x

An already promisingly blissful evening out turned even more enchanting by a chance meeting with a most beautiful and sentimentally charged wedding dress. This is Bridgette's wedding dress: lovingly crafted by her late mother in a convention-flaunting shade of antique white, the crochet braid specially commissioned and made to measure by Maltese nuns, with a chenille orange blossom bouquet at the waist line and a most elegant flowing cape. This dress brings together all the things I love about 70s bridal wear ... this chance encounter really made my weekend! I am in love!

Lovely Bridgette - such a sweet host - seen here posing with her precious possession

... Bridgette went so far as to insist on wearing a made to measure hat for her wedding ... I mean, really, what's not to love?! ... not only does she look super stylish and unique in the ensemble, it's actually a very practical choice given wedding-season weather in Malta!

Speaking of wedding dresses.. an already 'ooh-ing' and 'aahhh-ing' trio of girls were given a tour of the lovingly cared-for house and shown pictures of Bridgette's ancestors' weddings.. <3 1920s raised hemlines tug at my heart strings <3

so ...

Thank you family Saliba for being such lovely hosts.. meeting you, learning about your house's history and spending time in your garden coloured our already lovely Sunday a more perfect shade of rosy! I hereby solemnly promise to do my utmost to keep the plumbago baby plant alive ... 

*crossfingers* I get to encounter more similarly 'special' dresses and their stories in the upcoming months! (drop me a line if you have some you'd like to share!)