Sunday, August 14, 2011

Domus love

Here's a run through of my latest personal home-related projects. Essentially, little chores I kept postponing due to work and related chaos. Stuff requiring so very little effort and yet, once finished, yield such satisfaction.. yes we're dealing with general-disposition alteration matters here. Once you get down to crossing out long forgotten projects from your to-do-list, the rewards reaped can border on the ridiculous. Or so I find.

A Pelmet: to generally enhance the atmosphere at the dishwashing end of the tiny kitchen space. I am of the opinion that a tassel or three can go a long way towards making life and daily chores bearable activities indeed. The flat and very carefully lined pelmet hangs on a spring rod for minimum effort and damage. I must thank Alexandra for helping me figure out and put up said rod on a night-in where I was a sip away from collapsing. So yes.. even though the sheer ugliness of sliding aluminium windows is something I shall forever have to contend with, at least the baroque swirls of the pelmet numb the pain.

A Brooch Storing Solution: Taking my cue from a favourite vendor at the flea market (teh ex-brooch collecter whose name I still haven't got round to asking) who keeps hers on a strip of textile which can be rolled or hung up as a display I have ventured to make my very own so as to save my ever-growing collection from ruin ... the 'all jumbled up in a trunk-like tin box' solution was not making life easier for anyone and frankly, not caring about the pieces just because I have a rather non-chalant attitude towards collecting was making it all look like the sad affair of an over-spender. I have now paid my dues by separating the golden from the silvery and colour coding the items for easy access. Only sad thing about it.. I only have round about 10cm of free space left and that only means I shall have to start another strip soon.

And Cushions: I kept piling them in a drawer away from sight. I kept buying mismatched covers for 5o euro cents from jumble sales and charity shops.. I even had the audacity and presumptuous impudence to hide the hand woven moroccan one in the front for so long.. how could I have postponed the stuffing and threading of such a generous gift from Mohammed the carpet vendor for so long

(story goes:

me: 'aaaa.. very nice cushion' (I sit on it and look at the carpets)

mohammed: 'you are nice maltese people, my friends, Miss please take a cushion.'


or something like that)

That's all I got round to photographing really.. I'll soon have photos of some of the curtains up.. the curtains also being a project I've been postponing.. a big project I often dreamt about, pelmets that filled my zzzz-hours with unfolding pictures of symmetrical oriental flourishes. Here's a picture of my sewing chair. It loves and cradles my lower back just as a sewing chair should. An unlikely shape choice you might think... well it is... but my grand dreams of a kitsch neo-roccoco affair on wheels haven't yet materialised, and I fear that if they did the resulting chair might still not be all that comfy to work long hours in.

On another totally unrelated note.. here's a duck casserole dish which I love.

And just a carefully edited glimpse into the major project in clay which has been keeping me super busy this last month or so. I need to keep this under wraps for teh moment even though I'm tempted to shout out about it and my newly found (or rather re-explored) love for working in clay from the roof into the insect ridden august nights.

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