Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Roman Holiday

The festivities are over, we were busy at work as well as at being festive.. being sick throughout the holidays didn't dampen my spirits one bit (inflamed throat and complementary sinus blockage beat waking up at 6 anyday!) .. I finished projects.. tried to get my life and my sewing bench in order, baptized my 2011 appointment diary, a new heavy-duty pair of scissors and a furry grey jacket I had no choice but to 'live in' since it happens to be the only thing, other than the gas heater I never got round to buying, which keeps me warm.
With just one last free day ahead of me .. I sit in bed, salty biscuits in hand.. and wonder.. how on earth did I manage to postpone watching Roman Holiday for so long. I cannot but declare my love for Hepburn, a new crush on Peck, my plans for holidaying (at last!) in the very city and my obsession with full skirts and blouses. I want to pay my duties toward society in full (aka. roll over work days.. welcome july!!) so that I can at last lounge in the sun with the promise of a negroni and long strolls in the air.
But being the bad planner that I am, I've already reduced my list of essentials to this hat and pair of geometric leather shoes.. with the picture of Hepburn in my head and the holiday 'high' (and a couple of negronis) I believe I could walk down into Piazza di Spagna wearing just these.
I guess it's a matter of visual power.. I'm succeptible enough to the romanticism of the Hepburn silhouette .. she carries her royal flair from night to day.. from the clinched ball-gown waist to the still tailored holidaying cottons. I too now want to translate my visual travelling aspirations onto that silhouette... It's a matter of expecting a destination to deliver and indirectly (or perhaps, as in this case, blatantly) helping it out. I plan a travelling set of dresses inspired by my last and most satisfying trip to morocco and my long term travel plan to visit japan. Hard wearing, two-tone full skirts with a long row of covered buttons.
I guess I haven't travelled enough to take the little details for granted. I'm one of the least well-travelled persons I know. Not being jaded puts pressure on one to make the best of it, to savour moments but sometimes also traps one into expecting too much. I was a good level-headed planner once; used to list down essentials and match stuff. I still follow maps and enjoy little successes every time I actually find my destinations. But somewhere along the years I realised that with 2 year gaps (min.) between one trip and the next I wasn't going to waste time trying to anticipate possible needs for certain things whilst abroads. Nowadays I only waste my time dreaming about the skirt that is (in this case) the essence of Rome.. and I do not necessarily propose this to be a change for the better. I now abstract my travel-essentials list and while the best of after-work hours 'solving' related puzzles.

I'm thinking too deeply into this. Cutting out 7 sewing projects must have taken its toll on me and the salty biscuits have done nothing by way of filling that empty void I had assumed was my stomach. How do you fill a 'travel' void with a full 2 terms ahead of one?