Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 4th .. and more

Yes the '4th' meaning the 4th in the 'Puss in Boots' series.. this series business is good for me.. it gives me focus and even more drive to finish a piece. My haphazard way of going about creating random items needed the restriction of having to focus on finishing more than one piece along the same theme.. one could always do with a bit more discipline in their chosen field (unless they really don't).. if anything, this, I believe, is good practice for when I finally sit down to work on the clothing line of my dreams.. the ever elusive collection that'll re-define all collections.. (nah!) Although I do plan to focus more on personal sewing ideas later on in the year.. and for this very reason I had to limit my order-taking considerably.. this pains me but I really cannot see any other way of going about it.

In any case here's 'Puss in Boots' greeting the King and his master at the palace gates.. inspired, as I've already said elsewhere, by the firework displays throughout the Maltese summers.. all the chaos and the rumbling and the colour that comes with it.. and below a detail of the protagonist and his 'G'uest.

On another note.. here's a dress that has been coming along for quite some time.. a forest green dress with black piping and button detailing.. a sort of simplified version of a coat dress that zips up at the back for conveniance.. a very flattering 3/4 length makes for a perfect transition dress (you know, the kind fashion/lifestyle magazines would call a 'from work to play dress')..

Unfortunately we do not get to see as many tailored work 'uniform' dresses anymore.. and considering how practical they are, I've invariably come to assume that we're, really and truly, trying to make our lives bloody difficult.. opting for ill-fitting off-the-rail on-trend separates we hope would see us through a couple of seasons, knowing full well we'll grow bored of the overpowering gaudy-coloured aztec print.. (ok.. I know a couple of people who won't, but generally speaking..) clothing items with too much personality end up stealing the show in the first few wears. In fact I cannot wait to wear my simple A-line cut blue 'communist worker' coat to near death this winter.. come to think of it.. I cannot wait till winter since playing the 'Mosquito Song' ( on repeat seems to be reversing the effect desired. Damn those flying zombies from insect hell!

And in a self-indulgent act to keep you hanging.. a photo-hint of one of my current VERY time consuming projects ... yes that's right.. at my most productive and I'd give it all up at the drop of a hat if and when promised a healthy dose of musical talent. Yes I still think every other gift pales in comparison with being able to envisage and create your own music.. it's a way more primal and eternal gift.. plus you can always play naked but to sew without music would be hell on earth.. now just imagine sewing, without music, AND GETTING CONSTANTLY BITTEN BY BLOODY MOSQUITOS!

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