Sunday, March 31, 2013

some hats and a thank-you!

These are the latest three hats I've had the pleasure of working on.
I'm going through a bit of a hat phase - my only concern being the little time I have left over from other commitments to dedicate to it. I have sketched so many already that I had to just give up on sketching alltogether because documenting the many options only made it worse - too many sketches, so little time to make any of them. Choosing from the sketches also became a frustrating chore .. uff!
Now I just get on with it and make hats in the few hours/minutes in between other things.

All three hats are constructed entirely by hand out of donated felt and vintage straw and plastic passementerie trim

I am now looking forward to a pro photo-shoot and cramming in as many more hats as possible before that.

'La Petite Tonkinoise'  hat

Urchin-'diadema antillarum'-hat

Plume pillbox hat

On the other hand, I must send out my sincere thanks to all of those who donated some special pieces from their wardrobe. I am grateful as ever and can only promise I'll wear the lot with pride x
It gives me joy to know that good pieces wth so much more mileage left in them are not going to waste

(note to self: another swap party is due.. I can feel it in the air)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Running a business as a seamstress - An Interview

It's always such a pleasure to meet people who really like (even love) what you do and believe in it enough to recommend you and want to ask you about it..

A week ago I received the team behind The Zone - for an interview about what I do .. 
I hereby thank them for the time they are investing in this series of inspirational interviews and for editing my ramblings into a coherent segment .. 

here it is:

*on another note entirely: why hasn't anyone ever told me I move my hands and face around too much..
I might have still been in time to change.
Now, I'm stuck with it forever!*

I ought to stop ...

... collecting just about anything! really!

Flea markets, bazaars, charity shops should put up posters of my face to warn vendors and urge me to act responsibly. My only consolation is that should Mad Men decide to film a 7th season in Malta and recruit locally (please please pretty please) I'm sorted for wardrobe ...

Here are some spoils from yesterday's Birgu carboot sale ...

these washing-lines fill me (and only very few others) with joy

pointy boobs and charming packaging

quality wool and eloquently phrased washing instructions from a time when caring for your wardrobe was something else entirely. This label is all I ever wanted for reference - (most) companies took such pride in their product that they actually cared enough to educate the client

Sometimes I can hardly believe I'm living in an age this fast-paced and out of synch with the basic ethical obligations of production

On another note, Joan is 'staying over' and she hangs her slips to dry on Fujiko the dolly

 My new make-up case/picnic basket/scarf compartment - it matches everything and brings me so much joy! (*thank you Alex for letting me have it!)

I bid you adieu with some quick shots of Ghar Lapsi re-visited: decidedly windier and all the more beautiful for it!

*off to make another pompom hat*

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a week and a half

I celebrated a cocktail-fuelled birthday over the past weekend, spent the first half of the week before that wringing sea-water out of costumes and getting sunburnt in the best possible way - but now I'm back indoors, away from the shoreline, cutting silks, and getting back on track e-mail/bills/order-wise ...

I've also received several unexpected gifts and stumbled upon some precious vintage finds on two charity-shop/flea market marathons ...

perhaps life is not so bad away from the slippery slippery shore!

thank you friends and nanna!

hello terracotta leather coat, please make me look like Faye Dunaway

I bid adieu to Ghar Lapsi and scorching cliffs
will be back with more intricate stories about an upcoming photoshoot, new hats, chiffon bridesmaid dresses, a vintage-inspired wardrobe overhaul for a beautiful lady, a sneak-peek at the costumes for Bews il-Bahar, an interview and *crossfingers* more tales about friends+alcohol+food+sea x