Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Am I allowed to name this dress 'Joanie'? .. yes, after my favourite character in Mad Men.

It's all classy and demure down the front complete with bust darts for the pointy structured look we've all come to miss (until the next season..) and detailed down the back.. v-cut down from the shoulders, a flattering v-dart down the back of the skirt gathered at the back of the knee where two buttons give way to a bias cut insert that replaces and otherwise not-so-special slit.. scalloped 3/4 length sleeves ... the list of details goes on.. a bit of an achievement on my sewing front.. all lined and hand stitched to the looping discography of Queens of the Stone Age.. by the time I got to the lining I had exhausted most of their live clips on youtube.. (just to give you an idea as to how long it took me to put all of this together!!)

So after I steamed and ironed the dress and spent the customary hour looking at it lovingly and wishing it was mine.. I decided I deserved a break.. so I joined an aunt and cousin on their last day in Malta.. a beautiful sunny morning out before they leave for the scandinavian clime up north .. and good thing they decided to go to the open market in Birgu.. not only did I spend the day waving at ex-students.. I also happened upon the lovely stall from which I got the braids below. Old biscuit-shaped braids make me very happy indeed!