Friday, September 30, 2011

The Odd Spot

Babettopolis is proud to inform you that as from today (well, yesterday to be exact) some of its latest creations will be on show and for sale from the lovely outlet in Naxxar (Labour Avenue, opposite playingfield) by the name of The Odd Spot. The place houses a carefully selected assortment of items from around the world, both antiques and reproductions of. From assorted china from Russia, to low copper tables, egyptian metalwork lamps (yes I have my eye on the one in the window with the extra long fringe already), decorative busts, handmade cushions and divinely executed handwork from India and Ireland.

My mantlepiece has long aspired to be this shop.. I can only strongly suggest you visit, if you're on the lookout for a perfect gift and a nice chat. The place also acts as a workshop for the owner, an artist whose work adorns the walls of the shop. What else can I say.. it's a wonderful, good place to be in!

It doesn't close in the afternoon so that's another plus!

Now.. on an entirely different note.. here are some books from my childhood which I must have inherited from cousins.. I found them whilst I was clearing out at my parents' and they're just lovely so I thought I'd share.

Yes, yesterday was that noteworthy day in my life. The day when you finally decide to throwaway rotting and badly stuffed dolls, barbies missing a leg and old school workbooks. The day where you are bound to realize how badly kitted out your barbie collection had always been but you were too young and 'creative' to realise, how utterly miscellaneous your playmobil family was and what bad grammar your old diaries were written in.

I must admit, the clearing and sorting did me a world of good.. I now have nicely sorted textile, more space to store it in and a strained back to boot.

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