Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Item the 4th..SPCA*PATCHES

This 4th item from my SPCA*PATCHES contribution has taken the best of 7 hours .. and considering it took me a while to get going on my crafting today (I think I may have overdone it yesterday by staying up so late!) let's just say, that being this happy with the end result is always the best consolation.

Here's a lampshade frame.. scrubbed clean of all its glue and remaining tufts of material which once covered it.. and below is the same space consuming curtain (now thankfully much reduced in size) which I ranted about in one of yesterday's posts. I have indeed found another use for it today and I thank the elves in my dreams for it..

Scroll down to see for yourselves...

Every metal 'rib' is covered in colourful ribbons whilst the straw curtain strands are woven into, over and round about them... with an impromptu straw pompom at each of the 8 dips in the base of the frame.

I have a confession to make.. with this lampshade I couldn't respect the pet animal theme.. I was hoping the pretty dimly lit photos would help you forgive me... If this shade finds the loving home it deserves, one could always sit in its light, PET in lap, reading a book. (trying hard much?)

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