Monday, September 26, 2011

Item the first..SPCA*PATCHES

Here is the hat I selected from the Happy Paws warehouse .. a fine herringbone wool, still-in-good-condition hat.. all it needed was some minor fixing of the lining inside, some steaming back into shape, and of course, that extra something special.

In keeping with the pet-animal theme we girls decided upon, I've dedicated this hat to one of the fluffiest of the lot.. the bunny rabbit! SPThe four-leaved clover braid was something a good friend of mine unearthed from a jumble sale and (kindly, as always) passed on to me to use as I see fit.. the buckle also came with a lot of odd items passed on to me from one of my grandma's friends.. and I made sure that the felt ears matched exactly in colour with the thread I chose for the subtle blanket stitch round the brim.

Hope it looks as cosy from your side of the screen as it does from mine! Roll on Winter!

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