Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Item the second..SPCA*PATCHES

I have been keeping busy.. waking up early, getting most of the routine chores done first thing in the morning when the energy levels are at their highest and then collapsing in front of my work (wish I could call it a more respectable 'bench' but it is in fact a) desk and applying myself like there is no tomorrow. It's a possibility and we do not like to take chances.. especially since we love doing what we do and we now have all the time in the world to do it in.

ooo.. I hear distant thunder rumbling.. and what perfect meteorological timing..

For the second item in the SPCA*PATCHES series I've decided to transform this piece of faux (of course! and especially in this case..) fur into a short stole/furry furry scarf for the coming winter. By dyeing the lace motif an antique pale pink and adding pearl and bead details I was hoping that the stole would exude enough drama and decadence to see the wearer to the opera. Alas this year's will be taking place at the end of October.. so I decided to thread in some tassel action as a base for a cute pink upturned plastic flower and a felt CAT face; making the stole casual enough and therefore fit to see you through the whole of this winter before taking it to the opera next year!

yes.. this stole is dedicated to a personal favourite pet category.

Here's the fur after a thorough cleaning.. sitting quietly on my splintered spare chair and..

here's the finished result..

I was wondering.. would it be uncool to buy the items back myself from the SPCA stall? .. really looking forward to seeing what the others will be coming up with as well!

... miaooo


  1. i spot the cat! xi hlew mar :) its beautiful!

  2. Thanks denise! I have another item baking.. I'm aiming at finishing it tonight! :)