Sunday, March 31, 2013

some hats and a thank-you!

These are the latest three hats I've had the pleasure of working on.
I'm going through a bit of a hat phase - my only concern being the little time I have left over from other commitments to dedicate to it. I have sketched so many already that I had to just give up on sketching alltogether because documenting the many options only made it worse - too many sketches, so little time to make any of them. Choosing from the sketches also became a frustrating chore .. uff!
Now I just get on with it and make hats in the few hours/minutes in between other things.

All three hats are constructed entirely by hand out of donated felt and vintage straw and plastic passementerie trim

I am now looking forward to a pro photo-shoot and cramming in as many more hats as possible before that.

'La Petite Tonkinoise'  hat

Urchin-'diadema antillarum'-hat

Plume pillbox hat

On the other hand, I must send out my sincere thanks to all of those who donated some special pieces from their wardrobe. I am grateful as ever and can only promise I'll wear the lot with pride x
It gives me joy to know that good pieces wth so much more mileage left in them are not going to waste

(note to self: another swap party is due.. I can feel it in the air)

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