Monday, March 25, 2013

I ought to stop ...

... collecting just about anything! really!

Flea markets, bazaars, charity shops should put up posters of my face to warn vendors and urge me to act responsibly. My only consolation is that should Mad Men decide to film a 7th season in Malta and recruit locally (please please pretty please) I'm sorted for wardrobe ...

Here are some spoils from yesterday's Birgu carboot sale ...

these washing-lines fill me (and only very few others) with joy

pointy boobs and charming packaging

quality wool and eloquently phrased washing instructions from a time when caring for your wardrobe was something else entirely. This label is all I ever wanted for reference - (most) companies took such pride in their product that they actually cared enough to educate the client

Sometimes I can hardly believe I'm living in an age this fast-paced and out of synch with the basic ethical obligations of production

On another note, Joan is 'staying over' and she hangs her slips to dry on Fujiko the dolly

 My new make-up case/picnic basket/scarf compartment - it matches everything and brings me so much joy! (*thank you Alex for letting me have it!)

I bid you adieu with some quick shots of Ghar Lapsi re-visited: decidedly windier and all the more beautiful for it!

*off to make another pompom hat*


  1. love the panties...........I'm sure they were the only type 'available' locally for young ladies when I was a young lass :)

  2. ^_^ I was so happy to have found them .. and yes, my sheer enthusiasm did surprise the vendor no end .. now I'm just crossing my fingers for them to fit!

  3. I enjoyed the interview and I think you have great future ahead of you.
    If you ever planning on visiting the US you will a friend in San Francisco California.
    Please keep the good work and your dreams one day will become true.

  4. Thanks so very much! it's good to know that the message travels just as well across the atlantic! ^_^