Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is in the air ..

... and with the much appreciated help of my parents-in-law, I had the pleasure of seeing grandma's chandeliers up and alight! Following a nail-biting and nerve-testing re-wiring, I drove to the ironmonger's and got me a bag full of light bulbs. Now, I see and love-what-I-see better than ever before. 

ceiling roses and some hardcore (and inevitable :s) dusting and polishing later.. I was one happy bunny!
fixing up a couple of rooms needn't cost a lot .. I live by that mantra and in inestimable gratitude for the constant support and help of family members who are handy with pliers and glue!

to top it all off, a neighbour gave me two pretty (one beaded, one shimmery lame) evening bags, just like that, out of the blue - may I just say: surprise gifts RULE!

and in the midst of it all, piles of clothes needed a thorough ironing in preparation for the Babettopolis photoshoot which was to/did take place on Saturday - a healthy mix of handmade and vintage pieces to complement some of the many hats I made over the past two years.
Now that the photos are out (more on that later!) and it's Monday again .. I can't help recalling the excitement that the Friday prior to the shoot brought with it - at last I was to have some professional help with documenting my work - and for that I'm super grateful!

so, yes, spring is in the air ... cat is shedding fur .. and I'm stuck indoors, dedicating whatever time is leftover after the sewing is done to spring cleaning and piling and sorting and dusting in anticipation of the next swap party! 

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