Monday, March 25, 2013

Running a business as a seamstress - An Interview

It's always such a pleasure to meet people who really like (even love) what you do and believe in it enough to recommend you and want to ask you about it..

A week ago I received the team behind The Zone - for an interview about what I do .. 
I hereby thank them for the time they are investing in this series of inspirational interviews and for editing my ramblings into a coherent segment .. 

here it is:

*on another note entirely: why hasn't anyone ever told me I move my hands and face around too much..
I might have still been in time to change.
Now, I'm stuck with it forever!*


  1. Hi Maria... I finally found a Maltese blog I can follow!!! I love sewing myself and have a number of sewing blogs on my reader but all of them are of British/American/Australian seamstresses... so watching your video on timesofmalta and finding your blog really made my day!! And I enjoyed reading your old posts... you've go t some real talent! well done :)

  2. ^_^ thanks for your encouraging comment Miffy! I use my blog as an outlet for pretty random subjects but it occurred to me in the past few days that I should perhaps focus a bit more on the process behind what I make as well as the result!

    Hope I manage to find the time and energy to document and blog a bit more *crossing fingers*

  3. What a surprise to cruise the news and see you there. Congratulations on the great interview. I love seeing makers receive accolades - especially ones whose work I adore. Bravo!