Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a week and a half

I celebrated a cocktail-fuelled birthday over the past weekend, spent the first half of the week before that wringing sea-water out of costumes and getting sunburnt in the best possible way - but now I'm back indoors, away from the shoreline, cutting silks, and getting back on track e-mail/bills/order-wise ...

I've also received several unexpected gifts and stumbled upon some precious vintage finds on two charity-shop/flea market marathons ...

perhaps life is not so bad away from the slippery slippery shore!

thank you friends and nanna!

hello terracotta leather coat, please make me look like Faye Dunaway

I bid adieu to Ghar Lapsi and scorching cliffs
will be back with more intricate stories about an upcoming photoshoot, new hats, chiffon bridesmaid dresses, a vintage-inspired wardrobe overhaul for a beautiful lady, a sneak-peek at the costumes for Bews il-Bahar, an interview and *crossfingers* more tales about friends+alcohol+food+sea x

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