Thursday, January 12, 2012

a lesson learnt ...

It's a sad day for Babettopolis!

I wanted to treat myself to a new head of sky blue hair - I was under the impression the sky's the limit (excuse the half-hearted pun!) in hairdressing!

I was encouraged to try a test strand instead.. fair enough.
I was also informed that light blue is absolutely out of the question for my hair type.

So I opted for grey .. why not?! I love the colour on everything else..

Unsurprisingly, the bleaching process stopped at canary yellow when it should have made it to dirty platinum.. so the grey dye turned out looking BLACK! I turned full circle .. I have a full head of same old same old BLACK hair with an (as yet) camouflage 'charcoal black' strand that'll turn a dirty army green as the dye washes out.

*I has a sad and I must excuse myself for promising my immediate relatives and friends that I'll have something special for them next time we met.
I must also start looking into non synthetic wig options :/ .. or a life.


  1. If you try the bleach again (after a very, very good soak in conditioner), wash the canary yellow with a purple tinted shampoo. It should take out the brassy yellow and give you a sweet creamy yellow/white. :-)

    Sorry you were disappointed.

  2. :) hehe I guess I'm kind of over it now but i still look at nicely bleacked locks longingly on the bus! (akward!) .. However since i (apparently) still have some straightening left in my hair my hairdresser didn't want to risk it.. and that I understand!