Monday, January 16, 2012

It just keeps getting cosier and cosier

Seeing as, as children and teenagers we spend most of our time in our bedrooms, it came to me as no surprise that what I was lacking in my life was a cosy bedroom to somehow compensate for the one I had 'built' and added on to at my parents'. I never appreciated the addition of two pieces of furniture as much as I enjoyed welcoming these two bedroom pieces. How could I have neglected this area in the house for so long..? I was missing having drawers on top of each other and a dramatic wardrobe. My life is not complete but it sure feels warmer in there. There's a long way to go.. but the room is taking shape and it's a good place to retire to for some hand sewing chores at the end of the day when it gets too cold elsewhere. Here's the display on the chest of drawers; the mantlepiece in the kitchen is now partially relieved and all the items I've collected over the years have now found their true home.

In the chest of drawers I found old newspaper sheets: 'Lehen is-Sewwa' and 'The Torch' (The General Workers Union Weekly) from 1952 and 1958 respectively. I also found a black chess piece and a small plaster sheep from an old crib. You can probably tell they made my day.

Nannas know best! This weekend I was given a lesson in old skool posing for photos whilst munching on king prawns. Something tells me weekends hardly ever get better than this x

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