Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lady Luck strikes again!

Yes, jubilation! I've been the proud and elated reciever of very generous donations this last week. Thank you Rita for parting with the cutest coral-faced overlocker and a cyan blue jacket with dramatic black trimming. You've injected some well needed colour into my busy week. Your pastel nightdresses are also making me re-consider pink and violet and am cosying up in one right now! Cotton loves your body and you must love it back.. especially if it's trimmed in antique lace.


  1. That jacket is divine - who is it by?

  2. It's not a recognized label.. it just says 'Fai Tat' .. i checked as i always do but nothing turned up! In any case 'Fai Tat' must have had an inspired moment with this one!