Monday, November 28, 2011

Patches aftermath .. (fowtows?)

This blog post is bound to prove one thing if any.. that the best of intentions is never enough to get a job done. I wanted to document this year's Christmas edition of Patches thoroughly .. I even charged the camera's battery.. I had intended to take photos of every purchase on its new owner! guess what I did.. I left my stall for 15 mins right after I set up.. ran about to say 'hi..ello!' to close friends for 5 mins.. took photos of their stuff and mine.. checked on the SPCA stall and took some photos of that, then I went back to my stall because the market was officially open .. after that in a flurry of paper bags, big smiles, hot soup and 'biznizz' cards I forgot all about my camera.. silly silly me.

Still.. here goes..

Carla's Rita Cholita stand!

This is Sarah's The Secret Rose stand!

and this is my Patches neighbour Alexandra's illustration and screenprinting stand!

These are the only 2 pitiful photos I took of my stall! *disaster!

And this is my mum.. who brought me egg and ham sandwiches and green tea and helped me wrap things for people throughout the day! (*and just in case she sees this, I must ask her to not ask me in turn to put this photo down.. instead she should be happy I didn't put up the one in which she appears to be making fun of my pearly fascinator hat!)

For a decent picture of myself I must direct you to Ramona Depares' blog post and Denise Scicluna's proper photo documentation of the event!

someone always does it better hehe

This Patches event was a blast! The soup was super good, the cookies super crunchy and my last stolen visit to Lara's new vintage clothing wing 'Hey Birdie Pie!'(*sans camera of course!), just the treat I needed after a whole day on my poor legs! I wish Patches happened in two parallel dimensions where I could mind my stall and roam about the market simultaneously!

PS: as from today my wares will no longer be hidden away underneath my sewing room french bed.. they are currently on display and for sale exclusively at The Odd Spot in Labour Avenue Naxxar! x

also.. I am currently asking (/begging) for photos of you wearing the stuff you purchased from my stall! it'll be a lovely reminder of the event and a memory aid for me to rely on when I need to know what went were and with whom! x


  1. Il certainly take a photo with my brown furry headdress! Love it! :))

  2. Aaaa yes please do! :) enjoy! it was nice to have people come over to the stall and try items on.. it felt like a little shop <3