Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shoe WIN

My fetish with perfectly fitting shoes started early.

I always preferred Cinderella's working pair of black flats over the revealing and demanding glass pair.. so simple and obliging were those painted-on flats.

They completed her figure's perfect lines.. they waited obediently by her bedside.. they made it to my top ten childhood memories just by being flat, sculptural and plain but so damn perfect in fit.

This simple moving image/symbol is pure fetishisation .. my experience with the well fitting, understated-in-line shoe has bore this influence eversince.

I dream of seamless structures and weightless frames now. I choose to believe it has done me a world of good.

I suggest you immediately skip to 3:07 till 3:16 if you hate fan over-dubs as much as I do and would like to check what I've been going on about for yourself.

This ere link!

Below is my sorry excuse for the perfect flat black pair.

The creases in my tights ruin the look, the leather of the shoe does not mould itself around my foot when I descend the stairs, I sometimes leave them behind me when I'm running to catch the bus and they sometimes chafe at the back of the heel as well.

It's one of life's great disappointments.

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