Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas came early ...

Yes it did. And it did with the surprise visit of gift-laden parents. Now resigned to the idea that they must bring their own wine with them cos we always run out, they still visit often and bring with them bagfuls of stuff which reaches me, via their house, from neighbours, acquaintances and relatives alike (see teh jewellery below). I have a feeling that after today it's going to be a bit tricky for me to complain about anything. Following are four indian gowns with matching pants and scarves which I got as a combined christmas/birthday gift. All I need now is an excuse to wear all of the stuff on top of each other .. the material so special, the cuts so flattering. I am in love and risking overkill!

Dilemma: what to keep in its entirety and what to pull apart and up-do. A little voice in my head tells me there's no way further up for these lovely things.


  1. Oh, oh my! For someone who rarely is jealous, I am jealous! Those are beautiful! Leave the clothes as they are, but I could imagine having some fun with that jewellery! ;)

  2. Yes yes.. i am resigned to that idea now.. i only closed some long side slits on a couple of them so that i can wear them as dresses! some of the jewelery too deserves to stay as it is.. it's part of my responsibility as a maker of things to know when not to desecrate! hehe