Thursday, November 3, 2011

Horror.. The End

May I just say how very excited I am about this mural.. can't wait till it is up on its intended wall. Every little tile is now fired and glazed and packed in colour coded boxes, so really, I just want to gaze at it in place cos it's been floating about in my head too long.

And below are three items I've recently finished on the predominant theme for the week. I do not want to let go of this HORROR phase but time dictates as much. I just happen to be a bit less looking forward to christmas, you see.. for no reason in particular.. I'm just not very fond of the iconography of the feast. In any case here's an evoll cat broch incorporating a laminated illustration from an old Peter and Jane book.

Here's a return of the skull... a pelvis skull to be exact; hand made and hand painted with love. Can't really get enough of these skulls. In fact I shall be making more. Many have expressed their inability to understand such a piece and find it hard to imagine wearing them, so I feel obliged to explain the mock (just because we live in this age) talismanic charm and the encapsulation of stories in said items. Please come round to my Babettopolis stall at Patches on the 27th for more rambling along the same theme.. and hopefully some festive cheer (I promise I'm going to try!)

Here's a befringed neckpiece. As I've explained elsewhere, this is a salvaged piece, the other components of which had rusted to a point of imminent collapse. So we replaced the essential parts with cord and added some beading details to dress it up a bit. I need to get my head round creating more since it's really tough for me to switch from full-on sewing to full-on crafting. I'm just going to keep in mind that a half-empty stall looks pathetic!

And here's me, with friends, preparing for a satanic ritual. This will be my last Halloween related post (promise!)

photo by glen galea

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