Monday, October 31, 2011

The aftermath .. lost and found!

With the halloween party over and the floors scrubbed, I find myself sitting down missing the bin-liner decor and the 'having something to organize' feeling. I especially miss the paper bats. The photo above is testament to how ideal my hair is for halloween, or is it the other way round?! It just acts all scary, throughout the year and no hiding under hats will fix its temperamental nature. Must do something about making halloween an all-year-round look.

A party over, a friend gained.. by Gustav that is. (see below)

Cheeky spiders.

But clearing up yields treasures that help one move on.. here's a 100 or so old travel postcards, most of which written in swirly fountain-pen ink by my Nannu (below.. in the snow) for my Nanna in Malta. I especially like the totally pointless one depicting an empty bus station in Tangiers.

.. and here's a dubious Smirnoff coaster. Think before you drink and think before you send an advertising campaign to print.

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