Thursday, May 16, 2013

In a frantic bid to catch up ...

... I decided to write a bit about a few things that have occurred in the interim between now and my last post.

the Spring-PATCHES team *wiii*

The spring edition of PATCHES happened and it was the usual frantic, on-the-spot-problem-solving fun. New and eager volunteers Joseph and Nicole made the experience all that much nicer and for once I could actually shop around at the fair rather than having to stick to and mind my own stall!  .. and shop around I certainly did.

Being very very busy every bleeding day certainly instils a perverse sense of entitlement to week-end fun so every weekend since has been full of initiative, outings, flea-market splurging and even late-night (sometimes themed) 'partying'. 

it's all in the *trashy* details

Stills from Santissima Disco Vol. II .. and below is myself as Dolores Lavermicocca (event organizer) / a.k.a.  Vittorio Sgarbi no.1 fan


I also visited the Natural History Museum in Mdina on one of those lazy Sundays when I was too tired to even contemplate staying in to work and it was fun, albeit (or perhaps because it was) deserted. It is a wonderful place in need of some serious investment, restoration .. for chrissakes .. even a general superficial dusting would help at this point. It is the kind of place you go to to dream of how much better it must have been and how absolutely wonderful it could become. The kind of place *blush* that encourages one to dream about the lavish parties they'd throw if only they could move in for, say, a year or so.

paint colour = very good idea


my rodent-friend from Selmunett island

and in between all the *hush-hush* orders I have going on at the moment, I made a fascinator and pimped up some shoes to match ..
and just in case you were wondering ..
 nope, (unfortunately) not for myself but for a fellow lover of hats!
For this hat I used aubergine felt for the base, beige felt cut-outs, wooden blocks (from a 'primitive' lego set) and a bunch of beige feathers from a shop-bought fascinator band which simply wasn't doing the trick!

And this is my bargain of the month and the new love of my life.
Found this piece at the flea market for the measly sum of 20 euros (delivery included - *blush*)
I've wanted a cocktail cabinet for ages.. little did I suspect that my dreams would not only come true, but come cheaply and with faux-tortoise-shell flower knobs.
Now all I need is some money to buy some actual alcohol and Don Draper to come over for cocktail hour(s) 
Of late, my waking dreams have revolved around the need for a dozen (or so) dry Martinis with olives, an oyster bar, thin slices of tangy lemon pie, a well-ironed dress and well-lined stomach to go with that. Sewing from home is so unglamorous.. I sit here all day in my 'FUCK OFF' t-shirt, the weather outside reminds me of wet cardboard covered in sand.. come on.. gimme a break!

very rare, self-imposed, baking session

This is the hat that shall see me through summer. It was part of a favourite carnival costume of a Chinese peasant from when I was around 2. Sans-fake black braid stapled to it, this hat brings me such good memories. In the photo, mini-me stands next to cousin Miguel (whose birthday is today) dressed as a clown in a sunny corner in my Grandma's yard. Wish I could re-use the whole outfit to go with the hat.

But .. above all else .. wish this hat could bring some real (as opposed to tantalising and dream-crushing) summer vibes with it.

PS: just one last thing before I leave. At one point I considered devoting this whole post to my current irk but then, in light of my actual position, I decided to not go out of my way and instead only devote a post script.
With Malta Fashion Week behind us all I cannot help but feel offended by people who come up to me and pity my work's absence from the show.
To these people I say: please consider that for some, MFW is not the be-all and end-all of their calling. That some crafts people's aims and aspirations lie elsewhere, perhaps, more closer to home, to fine-tuning their actual technique and diversifying, to achieving goals that do not subscribe to and do not fall within the parameters of any fashion week as we know it.
My statement reflects nothing on the standard of this year's MFW - I've only attended one event and followed only superficially some bloggers' documentation of the happenings. My opinion about the standard is another thing entirely.
I've had the opportunity to participate in the past, and truth be told, I turned down the offer. Not because I do not believe that MFW could be a very good platform but because, at the time, it wasn't (and still isn't) what I felt I needed to do for my craft.
That is all.
So I decided to have my little say,
that done.. I am off to sew some more!

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