Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I love me a good party or five

I want to thank everyone who accepted invites for all the parties I've ever thrown. It's my favourite thing to do .. so, perhaps without their knowing it, they've made me very happy in the process and I thought I'd tell them as much. I love it because a good party requires hard work, perseverance (in the face of a tower of un-scrubbed dishes), a whole lot of organization and a healthy pinch of OCD .. super-nerdy skills in any other context/by any other standard.

On Friday we threw a party and it was super fun!
I felt like I should send out my fervent thanks to everyone who contributed/helped/took over the scrubbing duties/poured me out some drinks/ saved me from burning myself on the oven door/ poured me out some more drinks etc etc

dear lord.. if only I knew how hard I'd have to work in my Monday pilates session just to burn off the first round of drinks I might have stopped at that - and not added meatballs, vodka jelly and double chocolate brownies to the mix!


Devilled Eggs Glory

Cat = suspicious

A week before that, my friend threw another party. A swap party ... where a number of people meet, share and swap some clothing, sort through some more clothing for charity, drink warm drinks and nibble on biscuits .. and by the end of it, everyone leaves for home with some relatively new and absolutely free additions to their wardrobe. What's not to love?!
*keys remain safely tucked away in our handbags - promise!*

Rachelle and her new flowery dress

clockwise from top:
Lara 'Polka' Schembri,   Alex '2-dress' Aquilina,   'Miss' Audri,   Claire 'Ahoy',  
Carla 'Rita Cholita' Said    and    'Secret Rosey' Sass
... all sporting their favourite swaps

'Oh hai there Elsa!'

a spot of heaven in Attard

And here's what I managed to pick out for myself just before and right after I took a mid-party nap just to nurse myself back to health. Cannot wait for the appropriate occasion (and weather!) to christen these pieces afresh!

bbl with more news from the sartorial front! 

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