Monday, April 8, 2013

Hats Off

It started with this quickly-put-together inspiration board.
I had been thinking about having a good photographic record taken of the hats I make for a very long time so I took Stephanie up on the offer immediately.
I also always knew I wanted Rachelle to model them - even though, as it turned out, said lovely person inside and out, had never modelled before. In my heart of hearts I knew she had the perfect hat-face for the kind I make so I must thank my lucky stars that they aligned in such a way in the right place and at the precise moment in time for this shoot to happen the way it did.

It ran like well-oiled clockwork, the sun shone and the location gods smiled down on us.

What did I say about the location gods?

Waking up early to a day like this was an added bonus. It got me thinking that perhaps I must have done something extraordinarily good in a past life to deserve all this.

I got my first lessons in setting up lights and was reunited for the second time with the beloved reflectors. I had missed my shiny shiny circles since we last met on set.

Credits and thanks and a handful of kisses go to ...

photographer: Stephanie Galea
model: Rachelle Spiteri
make-up artist: Dyna Spiteri

location: a bit of heaven thanks to Mr. R. Bianchi

all hats, brooches as well as some of the clothes are one-off pieces by yours truly a.k.a. Babettopolis

These are the final shots!
alternatively you can view the lot in a better format on Stephanie's own website!
actually, I suggest it.






  1. spectacular!! clothes, hats, location, photography... everything just perfect!