Monday, December 31, 2012

Things I did ..

a) I do not usually post photos of myself
b) I do not enjoy reminiscing - it softens me and I'd rather dream of things to come

In this post I plan to do exactly the opposite - in short snippets aided by Facebook timeline compensating for a flailing memory, so here goes ...

In 2012 I ...  

 Had a hairdressing mix-up and visited Venice with Martha. We drank a lot and met Gustav Klimt. It was all good!

Went to London with Carla and Olivia and behaved all silly at the V&A. I fell in love with a city I thought I'd hate. I miss the tube!

Partied quite a bit, pulled faces and posed for a rare 'couple photo'. I love turbans and decent occasions to wear them to!

Had tea with friends - living a good life on next to no money is a feat but oh so sweet! Scones make life worth it!

Stood on the Manoel Theatre stage for no reason in particular other than curiosity and loved it - roll on V18, I'm crossing my fingers for nice things to come!

swam (a good number of times actually) ... 

... and got a tan which I immediately regretted.
So then I partied a bit more and survived a sweltering summer. Hurray!

I drank a lot, too much actually.. and discovered a love for wine. Not an informed love .. just pure, unadulterated enjoyment!

Crashed a wedding and perfected my 'canape-in-each-hand-like-there's-no-tomorrow' technique

Did the Patches thing again and it was lovely

and ended the year with Kristina and her wise sugar sachet lessons. I wouldn't have done so much unless I loved doing what I do. I tried to choose more wisely but certain excesses define a life so I gave in a bit as well. I now know more than ever before that I love my day job but am also in a position to give it up in a flash for a better thing because holding on too tightly to things can make pathetic fools of us all. I also know that love comes and goes and, hey, that's a relief! 

I loved this year, but I just know I'm going to love whatever comes next even better. So I'm looking forward to:

a second bout of Brussels
blogging a bit more and a bit more creatively
family and friends' weddings
acquiring some jeweller skills
brushing up on some tailoring
fine-tuning my palate
getting haircuts more frequently
exercising a bit more
driving about with grandparents
and cooking up a storm every now and again

Bye for now x

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  1. cherish these memories of days gone by..... enjoy every single moment that comes your way - keep a good moment for memories, keep a bad moment for the experience! Every minute teaches you something new, so hold on to it and remember the key :)