Monday, December 3, 2012

The busiest weekend of all ..

Crazy days are past ..  I write from the relative comfort of my swivel chair and the haze that has descended upon me this Monday morning. Following such a busy run-up to Patches Market and (perhaps indirectly but still) the EFAs on the island, Monday doesn't just happen to you, it wraps around you like a comfy blanket and does its very best to soothe you (as does the packet of Skittles in my pocket, a walk through windy Valletta and ice cream at Cordina). There's no stopping the eyes from burning for lack of sleep, bunions feel like knots .. but guess what .. I cannot wait to start making things again! 

Before I get to it, however, I must do my best to recount, in as much detail as possible, what happened in my little world over this weekend.
What a thud to come down with after the adrenaline high that saw me through this patch (pun intended), what a thud indeed! From stretching wire cables with pliers and sweeping the floor at Magazino Hall in preparation for the morrow's event on to wearing diamond earrings for a deceptively prom-like EFA afterparty on Saturday, then back to the Patches aftermath of clearing out an array of styrofoam cups and sticky plates from behind a planter on Sunday evening. There really is no time left for big dreams in this girl's life. Drinking free (and may I say, really good) wine is all fine and dandy but ultimately it all boils down to the simple fact that the trash needs to be taken out to a designated spot. 

In a bid to curb my cynicism all I'll be saying to close this off is one thing:
It is very difficult to feel star struck when everyone in the building uses the same loo.

The interim was a fine experience indeed - Patches is slowly becoming the cosy crafter community it was first intended to be and I'm happier than ever for being part of the organizational team. I set up my own stall this time round so the pleasure was indeed all mine and two-fold.

... and here are some photos of a very very very partied-out and dehydrated me at my stall .. and some better photos of just the stall which others took for me during the event!

<photo by Denise Scicluna or was it Sara Falconi!?>

<the Patches L-R: Sara, Denise, Maria - otherwise known as  The Patchettes >
<again the credit goes to either Denise or Sara who carried out photo-taking duties to a T alongside a never ending list of chores before, during and after Patches>

<photo credit: My very helpful mum and her new camera>

<photo credit: My mum / subject: my stall - East side>

<photo credit: My mum / subject: my stall - West side>

<the hat of wonder .. as captured by Daniel from Devil Wears Pra-duh>

<so tired I lean on carousels! photo credit: Sarah Sassy bo-jangles Micallef from The Secret Rose>

<My new ceramic items display ^_^ photo credit: Sarah Micallef>

Here's a warm goodbye to a weekend-ful of:
wire extensions
bags, bags, boxes, bags, boxes and boxes
turbans and diamonds
effort (i.e. make-up and nailpolish) 
faux prom-night photos
a giddy Captain Haddock for a boyfriend 
free flowing wine
fur capes
disco fever
teaching the creme de la creme of Europe how 'dancink' is really done (hmm)
a sea of friendly and appreciative faces
cute dogs
cuter crafty produce
yummmmm food but not enough of it .. never enough of it
family and (obviously) cockle-warming sandwiches
bags, bags, boxes, bags, boxes and boxes
wire extensions

and bed!

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