Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Of powercuts, mint chocolate and festive cheer

There's nothing like a power-cut (or several in a row) to get you organized and all geared up for the festive season. A power-cut leaves you no option but manual labour and so I finally got round to sorting my wardrobes, clearing out things I only held on to for old times' sake and lovingly folding afresh things which lay hidden in the dark recesses away from view. 

A power-cut also encourages biscuit dough preparation. I made salty chocolate, cashew and cinnamon biscuit dough and let it rest a while. No electricity makes one patient - giving in to the lull of the new circumstance makes you consider all your options and choose more wisely. We all need a 30 mins of calm every now and then. I'm not encouraging power-cuts as much as self-induced power-cut-like calm.

In a power-cut you adapt better and surprise yourself. I moved my table closer to the window and thought seriously and for the first time in ages, about making something for myself. I started experimenting with cord and *fingers crossed* I'll be turning this into a Dior-inspired hat for the festive season.

And then I played some more with felt and shadows. Suffice to say, I'm currently working on making an existing hat more gorgeous and replicating it to multiply the happiness. There are people out there with as much love for head paraphernalia as I - and that gives me joy.

On the other hand, I have never met anyone with as big a love for mint-chocolate (... still looking!) Meanwhile,  here's a box of carefully selected fine chocolates which made one cold December morning all the more enjoyable. 100 points for packaging, 200 for flavour balance.

And once I deemed myself organized enough I gratefully accepted an invite to a swap party at a friend's house in M'scala. Here are a couple of items that I picked out - some are still on the washing line (dammit, it rained overnight).

Sue's mum's vintage accessories

 Sue's mum's Parisian patterned shirt and gangster (in the best possible way) suit.

A red dress from Carla which cried out for a couple of gold buttons down the front and another outfit courtesy of Sue's mama.

And who am I to say no to cosy 90s fleece .. 

couldn't but pick up this cosy hooded and patterned jacket for coming winters and a raw silk blazer in a rich red which I plan to iron (hehe) and wear with some oriental trousers for years and years to come.


  1. Why oh why was I too tired to come to the swap party!! SADNESS ABOUNDS!

  2. nah! it'll happen again don't you worry! x