Monday, December 26, 2011

'Tis that season*

I must warn upfront.. we're the kind of people who only recieve/display one or two christmas cards and pass them for decoration. I come from a family with average christmas spirit and tasteful christmas decor but it never really caught on with me; and now that I moved house I still do not feel the need to decorate.

(below: two nice cards from friends .. we do not need more.. having just two a year has become a feature in itself)

however, despite my palpable lack of seasonal spirit, my nanna took pity on our empty house and passed on to me some pretty old paper decorations and for these I made an exception. I just taped them to my bookcases in the hope that they'll make it back down, at least, before my birthday in March.

My friend Alex who knows I'm of the FOWERZ>COCOLATE disposition brought me some fresh flowers some two days ago.. they're holding up and that's a good thing since I think they compensate for the lack of 'all the rest' .. including some LED lights for which I bought no batteries.

I focus on decorating vintage shoes and hats instead.. I find it's way more spiritually and aesthetically rewarding.

(below: a pair of beautifully cut black leather shoes to which I added a pearly bow-affair in taupe felt
and even below that: a grey felt hat which I changed from a porkpie crown with a sad leather band that had seen better days to a cloche shape with a black feather and pearl band. This hat was picked up from a vintage/charity store by the lady-with-a-discerning-eye behind 'Hey Birdie-pie!' and she'll have it displayed at her next stall/event)

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