Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moving out: a process

.. and a long one at that.

A process that has been keeping me away from my workbench and from my online obligations..

what, with a long list of large-ish scale projects in the pipeline including a wedding dress I'm very excited about and a mural of sorts that'll see me swapping mediums for a month or so; the Easter Holidays from work should have served as well deserved chilll-time.. instead I was to-ing and fro-ing from home no1 to home no2, pestering people for liftage and straining my tendons trying to load suitcases in and out of cars..

putting everything in (relative) order is also headache-inducing.. one has to question the benefits of colour-co-ordinating clothing, test drawer capacities for the most convenient storage of silk scarves and gloves and reserve space for future acquisiton plans such as decent hatboxes.. all this just before or right after one has been trying really hard to understand the manual for a brand new washing machine (I refrained from photographing this just in time!) and hanging clothes that have, surprsingly enough, not only come out from the spinning demon unscathed, but also smelling lovely!

Ultimately, it's a lovely thing indeed to unearth and re-consider stuff from the depths of wardrobes past and display, at long last, odd mismatched items of cutlery and tableware you had been collecting over many years.

Here's a felt Totoro I did however make time for.. he now ranks as the second cutest thing in the house after CAT.


  1. Hi Maria,

    First of all well done for the lovely blog and excellent writing! I have also found it difficult to store scarves in an optimal manner.It would be nice to see a post about your storage solutions in the future.

    Maria :)

  2. I usually go for separate plastic bags for every major colour but they often tear and tempt me to just stuff scarves in them if I'm running late and end up having to iron each and every one before wearing it.. with a lot of patience one could create a divider system to fit their drawer out of small cereal boxes(stuck together to form a rectangle and wrapped in nice wrapping paper to hide the 'artwork'!) .. maybe I'll attempt one during the summer holidays!

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  4. The cereal box solution looks interesting. I am currently using multi tier hangers (the ones used to hang multiple trousers). The scarves don't get particularly wrinkly although it can look a tad bulky in the wardrobe.