Monday, April 4, 2011

Gin tonics make sewing fun..

I've been a very busy lady lately.. I've finished stuff.. planned more.. turned down several opportunities .. hoped for the best..

here follow photos of stuff I finished lately...

A handbag from the material of an old coat.. the clasp is recycled from a much used bag that a friend kindly threw my way. Thanks you!

This is what I call domni galore! A silver neckpiece with a grey, pale yellow and black colour scheme.

A hair comb to match the 50s style full circle dress with buttoned back.. both made to measure.. this is the kind of dress I would have only dreamt of doing some two years back.

And a feathery occasion hairband to match another dress I posted here before.. Pale pink netting and jade green feathers.. I love this to bits!


  1. Really nice. Sent you the questions for the interview. Will add more as we go along ...