Monday, April 4, 2011

Jumble Fever

It's been a truly packed couple of weeks.. worthy of multiple posts.. I came across several bargains, worked my arse off and as if this wasn't good enough.. I was given handmade and second hand belated birthday presents which made my week(s).

A lovely roomy navy blue faux ostrich skin bag with a fully functional clasp and a very forgiving matching velvet blazer.

Canvas heeled pumps and brown leather brogues to tap in (or for work).

as well as an assortment of scarves and ties, doilies and saucers.

This, on the other hand, is a wisely picked assortment of goods .. wisely in light of my current 'moving out' state and being in need of useful yet pretty items for the home.

Thanks Carla Rita Cholita and Rachel from the Bronx.. will fill teh glass container with fizzy cola/cherry sweets and invite you over for much fun!

A vintage pattern book collection brought together within one uniquely screen printed cover.. swell! made by the almighty Alex from
And a 'tattoed' embroidered circuis aide and ballet dancer dolly I named Loretta. Made by Mlle. Micallef of

It's such fun.. having friends like these!

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