Thursday, February 10, 2011

to ink, to sew or to just dive under the quilt(s)

When I was younger I was set on getting tattooed in all the prominent places but then, as it usually happens, you grow up and you thank the heavens you didn't 'do it' just then. If I had I'd be stuck with a huge back piece of dubious roots and significance.. a couple of fishbone armlets and something silly round my bellybutton. However, this doesn't mean I'm at all comfortable with the fact that I haven't got something done yet. In the past I blamed this lack on several things, but mainly my being a control freak around anything I deem myself capable of doing slightly better, given the time (yes, at one point I was convinced I'd wait till I learnt how to do it myself.. mistrustful bitch!) But really and truly.. the real issue all along must have been the pain and the pennies. To cut a long story short, now that I have a pay and painkillers to rely on I want to embark on my lifelong ink plan.. I want to ink my legs.

But where to start!!? I now spend my breaks from work sketching to-size ideas for my first two pieces, amusing teachers and students who happen to walk past the art-room.

But I hurry, and blab on.. It's been a while.. It's been a very long while.. and it's been stressful and demanding on my poor constitution.. (yes I romanticize my persistent cold and hay-fever for sheer aesthetic reasons) Since the festive season, the general tone of affairs has been very 'post-', a whole month flew by, February caught me unawares as I desperately tried to re-organize sewing projects and life in general. I keep forgetting that it's really and truly no use trying that hard. Then again.. dresses have to be sewn and real people with brimming diaries need to be appeased. And something somewhere in this process pleases me and I keep at it.

... And when I thought the transition period between one major concept and another couldn't be any longer and any more trying.. a brainwave hits me as I head home on the bus, and suddenly this best-feeling-in-the-world feeling translates into several ideas and I get off the bus a happy girl. I know what my next mini collection will look like.. I've visualised most of it in one of those beautiful split-seconds that used to happen to me regularly before I hampered myself with day-to-day obligations. But I am grateful for each time. I am excited for what is to come.. I realize that the sewing of much needed curtains might have to be postponed yet again since moulds have to be made and slip has to be poured and much ribbon cut and placed and twisted and...

Aaa. pictures of some stuff I've finished..

an upgraded 'discarded' cardi for myself cos one just cannot safeguard their credibility unless they wear their own stuff (actually.. it's safe to say it was a case of 'just about time I did something fo myself for once')

A cosy knit skirt with yoke and piping detail.. cosy rule(z)!

A leather skirt, my first project in the material and the label says the rest.

Another upgraded jumper because addiction to this 'quick-fix-project' thing is so hard to resist.

I thought I should leave you with a small, not too revealing ideas-plate for my upcoming project.. but I changed my mind. It's a tiny baby in its big cot.. give it cake.. let it grow.. all in due time. Hope I live through this cold to tell the tale!! (*insert a wholly unjustified 'bbbrrrrrrr' here)..

Instead I'll leave you with a picture I fell in love with. I lifted it out of a very interesting photo album someone I know keeps.. I didn't ask for permission and for this I am sorry.. but this bird here is special.. I want to be him when I grow up.

Note to self: do not abandon dreams of learning how to tattoo.

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