Saturday, February 26, 2011

Japanes usually = better

Let's start off from a lovely corner. Unearthed from a much loved folder here's a picture simply named 'corner'new'orleans'. I will not dwell on its provenance, there's nothing particularly special about happening upon a photo article and 'stealing' all the pictures for future salivating reference one sad lonely night in bed. All I'll say is that it's a lovely decadent corner I'd easily trade four corners of a room in my house for. Just imagine me sitting with legs dangling over the egde of this unearthed corner in space. Ok, maybe I should have taken some breakfast before daring to write this post.
Here's a brooch I just finished for a friend. My aunt generously donated a bagful of 80s and 90s earrings and in a bid to satiate my greed I set my dirty paws (I use glue and paint you see) on them to come up with something as a belated birthday present. I don't usually do belateds.. I'm the kind who's always on time with 'things'.. but luckily for myself and those close by I'm relaxing substantially and therefore, for example, I've stopped chiding people for being too late for appointments (sometimes!). Back to the brooch.. a piece with an art-deco twist on Gaddaffi's uniform adornments which have been regaling our screens of late. I loved it and wanted to keep it as much as I wanted to give it away.. and that's a sure sign that I'm happy with the result!
Carla reference number one: thank you for forwarding that lovely article from Vanity Fair about the new fuhrer's wardrobe!

And now to the intended fulcrum of the post.. and to Carla reference number 2: old japanese posters from a link that the aforementioned kindly forwarded to me yesterday evening in between bouts of assignmenting on her part. Why are the japanese so good at everything they do? These posters and many more are currently featuring, on rotation, on my desktop and I think they're impeccably designed. The one below is from 1928 for the Kyoto Grand Exposition to Commemorate the Showa Imperial Coronation and the one above is a sheet music cover for 'Rejin' from 1930. I'm currently waiting for a pair of embroidered pillowcases I had asked a very capable Sarah to design in the Japanese style for me; complete with curly text and other lovely bits. I'll upload a picture (as I'm sure she will as well) the minute they're ready. I know you girls are busy with university stuff so hip hip hooray for Sarah and Carla. You'll come out victorious at the end..

And just because even mantels have aspirations.. this picture is my mantelpiece's aspirational picture. we are slowly getting there but we must make sure no one dares leave unopened bills or stray stationery lying about. Balance is key and a couple more visits to the flea market wouldn't hurt anyone, I'm sure. Save for my pocket, as I do not know how to haggle and will never learn!

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