Monday, February 14, 2011

Fruitful follows Colourful

Yes.. a fruitful Monday follows a Colourful weekend.
I shall limit my 'bla' to make space for more pictures.
Above & in clockwise order: A handmade carpet from morocco and my comfy bright red moroccan slippers, a blue 'lunch-box' bag I found at the flea market yesterday and a lovely shell!

Today's job interview made me re-consider abandoned projects. I do not want to keep running out of time. Here's an antique lampshade I painted gold.. it needs work and so I'll be devoting myself to it completely as soon as the opportunity arises. We pray for 'soon' but realistically, we're speaking of months here!

And a pair of skinny green cords I just finished.. hot off the press and ready to go.
This is what Crayola and a (relatively speaking) deprived childhood did to me .. it gave me Crayola-eyes .. I begged for a Polly-Pocket but I only got colours.. and somehow I'm glad it turned out this way.

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