Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unearthing Gems

Being the only neice in the family to have followed in several aunts' footsteps and kept up the sewing craft, I happen to also be the sole inheritor of everything sewing related.. from yards of textile and haberdashery items, to odd sewing gadgets and, best of all, old pattern books. When I was relatively younger I started out begging for the odd button or applique motif, then I graduated to off-cuts from current sewing projects the aunts or my mum would have on the go. Only recently did I come into such a bulky inheritance. My growing interest in the craft must have coincided (luckily enough) with the majority of the superiors' menopause(s?); they no longer sew because every other thing gets on their nerves and because, apparently, scrubbing a kitchen counter takes all day. Whoever knew? Counter-productive thoughts of a new bookcase to house piles of these books have been keeping me busy. But meanwhile, I look through them and keep finding new gems everytime round.

How cute is this!? The groom looks like Eric Bana (then again I am known for never quite getting resemblances). The light blue flower bunches makes this such a winner on my list.

Speaking of blue... how pretty is this.. though the print doesn't exactly do it for me, the model really saves the day.

The magazine from which this centrefold comes from is an all-time favourite. Have been keeping it stored away from pets and the elements in the hope of sewing something for myself from it. But of course, such miracles never happen.

This is possibly the only excusable group of friends who colour/pattern co-ordinated their outfits... ever. Tempted to go into a winding and not-necessarily-very-funny vignette inspired by this photo, but instead I'll just let the following photo speak for itself.


One mustn't necessarily take cue from this photo and follow suit; but have you ever wondered why, for some reason beyond your comprehension, back in the day men could get away with an outfit like this? And I dont mean men in the fashion avant garde.. I have photos of uncles in similar attire. In any case this guy seems pretty happy with the effect of the suit on the two ladies
..'Oh I love that plunging V-neck!'
..'Oh I love the stitching at the back! and by the way, my waist belt matches your shirt.'

And just when I thought I was rewarded enough for waking up to work on a Sunday, I happen upon a late 80s festive season pattern book and find this gold+turban+red-lips+green-silk combination which made me happier still.

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  1. The man in a girly apron looking lovingly at a (very long) cucumber is positively wrong!