Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And whilst we reminisce …

It must be a case of nostalgia brought about by the first promises of autumnal winds (sans fluttering golden leaves) .. though I know that deep down I am trying to compensate (somewhat over sentimentally) for a very bad day where baked rice remained runny, stubborn kids re-defined 'adamantly uninterested' and shops in my village closed down in festive spirit resulting in my having to halt the sewing process(es) since I lack zips.
Way back when, it occured to me that I probably ought to start creating things since I dreamt of it that much. I used to paint, waiting for illumination (and talent), but the waiting bored me to death, so I started to paint (sans transcendental aspirations) on things. This is a pair of shoes I decided to sacrifice at the high altar of Modigliani.

... and this is a hairband inspired by coral reefs and all things fishy. I only got myself a cashlink visa some time ago (last month), so there was no way I could indulge in online shopping .. my crippling inaptitude vis a vis all things technological became another incentive which drove me to do things I would have wanted to buy for myself without having to bother friends/relatives.

And this was my first sewing project. A fish tail yellow skirt. The dummy, which lacks in the derriere area fails to do the skirt justice. On yours truly, it actually fishtails and looks decently feminine.
My second skirt .. a woolly bias-cut skirt which keeps me cosy. I love skirts, I do.
(insert 'awww' sound here) This blouse changed a lot in the process but I'd like to think it changed for the better. The pleating, the motif, the buttoned sleeve .. took me ages to set in place since I didn't have a 'dolly' then.
Being a fan of all things ancient I used to dream of losing myself in a cocktail of alma tadema+gustave moureau+peacock feathers+etc etc along the lines of 'decadent' cliche trinkets. I was lucky enough to have recieved a generous piece of peacock green material from my aunt (a life-long sponsor!) .. so I decided to sew a long 'roman' dress with a very low cut back for those clammy summer nights when you feel like going bra-less and slurping granita.
The left-over material became a blouse which I don't think I've yet worn enough.
Guess what! I think I actually managed to exorcise the nostalgia. And that is considered GOOD around these parts. No use wallowing when the sewing pile is burning a hole in your table.

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