Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a promise! and it's grey!

Here again with some thoughts I deemed newsworthy.. or better still.. I'm actually overjoyed with the finishing on a skirt. Still smoking hot!

This, however, is the skirt which set it all off.

A simple grey pencil skirt which many seemed to have fallen in love with. 3 wanted a copy. But I promised I wouldn't repeat an item when I first started this 'sewing thing'... The following grey skirt is what I adapted for a certain lady.. part satiny, part matte and the bow is removable (on her request) to use separately as a brooch in the coming winter.. that yoke gives me such joy!

... and just because this post has, in the process, taken on a grey tinge (a tinge I greatly approve of).. here is an old cardigan I was asked to 're-furbish' for a friend. We turned it into a 'lady' fitting cardi from a grandpa cardi-GAN and added red glass buttons and a cute (are they ever not?) collar.
I love grey.. it looks wonderful on every material.. from the richest velvets to cisp and plain cotton..

cue.. Babettopolis uniforms!


  1. I think I'll always associate you with grey... but that's probably down to the famous grey hat ;)
    Keep the sexy work coming!

  2. the skirt with the bow is fantastic!

  3. makes you wish to me a head mistress!!
    loved it!