Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cake Stand Love

specially prepared for the lovely Marilu's Pastizzi Gourmet's event tomorrow::

see you there ♥

these cake stands will be used during the event and should you grow 
particularly attached to any of them .. 
they're for sale as well..

A whole day out hunting leaves one famished .. back in time for tea
A cake stand becomes a  resting place for prized possessions when you're out of cake
For one who's as obsessed with everything japanese-y as I

Chocolates and gypsophila - two favourite things

A seasoned baker's stand

A seamstress' stand

From the kitchen to the dressing table

*Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that these cake stands are a novel idea, in any way.. home-made/assembled cake stands are a widespread craft activity that's been around for a long time.. and yet, I know that many people never get down to making one for themselves; so I'm here to help. Every piece is unique and created out of carefully selected second-hand ceramic, metal and/or glass objects found on various flea market/charity shop visits. Hurray for tea-parties!!


  1. The creator of the cake stands is a Swedish woman living in malta, got her page here:

  2. Yes Jeremy .. I had purchased one of Amanda's cake stands myself some years back when she was taking part in an edition of PATCHES .. but these ones here I know for a fact that I did myself for use during last Valentine's day high-tea event!