Sunday, February 10, 2013

My weeks are taken up by ...

... several things.

This week in particular

I set my mind and hands to assembling some cake stands for Marilu's special Pastizzi Gourmet event next Thursday.. delightful stuff requiring buckets of patience and a steady hand.

I attended my first hen night - a baptism of sorts 
I report back to base with news of side splitting laughter, a sugar-rush inducing cake that sent me reeling and the realization that I'm still in the honeymoon phase with my driving license. On my way back home, I take the scenic routes and hum my favourite tunes - some say I need a radio, I call it 'making peace with the road'

I sort of mourned my, now past, urge to sketch. Circumstances and an ever changing appetite forced me on to new things after a (mere) 9-day-long affair

Case in point, I now spend the day watching back to back documentaries about organized crime and my evenings-in going through Al Pacino's filmography
this obsession deserves a T-shirt


I also made this flyer/ticket/cover photo for Brikkuni's upcoming event .. 
cutting down on coffee to eliminate, or at least subdue,
 the tremor in my hands doesn't mean 
I cannot dip paper into it.

Somehow I still found time to create these two Venetian-inspired masks in time for Carnival 
- a feast I love but (unfortunately) seldom celebrate.
FLASH NEWS: glue inhalation levels have sky-rocketed since the 1st of February chez Babettopolis

This week I also rounded and finished off the last couple of chores on my 'family-wedding' to-do-list.
All of the commissioned outfits now hang in protective bags along the wall and all that remains is for me to rustle up something for myself...

... however I know better than to promise myself anything big. In between bags of tricky alterations, sampling of an array of glues, editing twice as many photos and running all the errands, I suspect there won't be much time left over for me to create my dream dress in grey tulle. So I'll be aiming lower and crossing my fingers about finding time to replace the zip on a vintage dress a lovely lady gave me some 5 years ago.

But before I sign out for a cup of tea and 'The Making of The Godfather', I'll let you on to a little secret:
here's a glimpse of what next week will bring ...
gloves on, paint brushes at the ready and we're good to go.

... several things indeed.