Sunday, September 23, 2012

More table ware and some recreational activities

In a bid to keep my blog (concurrently) updated with my facebook page.. here are a couple of items from the second firing of one-off, hand-painted table ware items. The fact that I cannot wait until I start afresh on a new lot is very reassuring to me! Here's the link for the whole album:

This is a damask pattern which my mum really likes

This, a favourite Maltese tile pattern re-interpreted in primary colours

Detailed portraits of birds, a favourite pass-time of young-Mario

Triangles are my current favourite shapes

Perfect side plate to go with your bowl of Ramen .. if the chillies get too hot you can fish them out onto the plate, then rest your chopsticks on top of them

I still wish I was born with red hair

I am hoping this is self explanatory

The pattern is lifted off Nanna's curtains; curtains which I now use to cover my stall

I <3 Isabella Blow

Shadow games from years ago

And after long hours of bad posture, clay-caked fingers and eye squinting into the early hours I, along with some other hard-working friends, decided to treat ourselves to high tea. Here's Sarah's timely blogpost for some pretty pictures that are already making me want to go back!

<<Spot of tea, dear?>>

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