Monday, September 3, 2012

A Grace-ful weekend

Yes, grace-ful and gift ridden! The windfall started on Friday when graceful Gaby (unexpectedly and for that, even more sweeet) passed on to me this lovely 1930s/40s clutch bag. I fear I am unable to put my admiration for the intricate beading into words. I especially love how that strip of sky blue sequins on the inside of the flap has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the colour-scheme and yet makes so much sense in the context. I have reserved this very morning to sorting through some cupboards and so I was able to make space for this bag, now residing, I hope happily, in the 'intricate and occasion-y' section of my top wardrobe shelf. Until next time!

Saturday morning brought with it a whole new level of grace... I met up with an ex-workmate: Rita, a lovely woman and a seamstress herself, is most dedicated to her vocation as a teacher and care-giver to kids who really need her and people like her. I'm all admiration for the work she, and others in her team, carry out on a day to day basis.. work which would drain the life out of anyone else so, really and truly, Bless them!! Rita, ever so kindly, passed on to me several bags full of raw and salvaged material for me to use in my sewing projects. Amongst which, were two bags full (to the brim) with buttons in their original boxes.. all sorts of shapes, colours and patterns. The box above is the fanciest of the lot and I cannot wait to put my needle and thread to it. 

And just when I thought that my day had reached its peak, I quickly realized that, this was simply going to be a full-on, no-dip, gifted day! 

I was lucky enough to make the acquaintance of Margot and one of her sisters, who in good spirits, not only welcomed me in their mother's home, but also flattered me by complimenting my work no-end! I cannot thank these ladies enough for entrusting me with so many items which until recently, belonged to their mother Emma. So much sentimental value and such good taste! The mother too, I believe, was a seamstress and this, for some reason, fills me with a kind of pride.. these are ladies I fear I was born too late to meet!

Here are a few of the many gems!

Shawls and bags and ... 

yep bloomers! 

These dresses reminded me of the Delphos cut and that, in my books, is a success!

Scarves, and delicate gloves and skirts to put apart and sew anew...

Some pretty blouses and sparkly knitwear

And the piece de resistance, a red feathery hat piece from an enviable past where wearing such hats was the order of the day (*or rather 'eve'). It needs a lot of care .. and I'm ever so willing!

As for the rest of the weekend .. we were graced by the first rain after a cruelly dry summer, and with a vengeance. The first shower yesterday evening simply shocked, but now, after raining all night and well into this morning the air is yielding that lovely smell we expect of the first showers in September, and so, we are being compensated, somehow! Can't wait for greener landscapes round about where I live.

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  1. *oh and just before you go off thinking that was 'a good weekend', I have further proof it was 'swell' .. Amidst Mediterranean literature festival and Sickfest frenzy I also managed to fit in the purchase of a new camera, a visit to a dear friend's house where I got all loved up by Jackie and Roky (cat and dog respectively) and received a charming assorted button jar+pin cushion as a London souvenir. I also ate a huge shrimpy pizza. Roll on next weekend!