Thursday, May 24, 2012

A special dress

I consider myself to be a late bloomer in this respect. I know of girls who have spent their childhood trying on their mothers' wedding dresses, but throughout my childhood this particular dress was mythically hidden away from me, high up on the rails in a double protective bag, plastic on blue fabric, unreachable. It was very wise of my mum to keep it away from over zealous hands and waxy crayons. In fact, it was even nicer to re-discover it now that I'm old enough to objectively look beyond the 80s in it and see just that bit more. All things considered, for a late 80s wedding, this dress was tame and sleek and really quite elegantly cut. My mum has never been one for over the top dresses, in fact she rarely wears any, however it brings me joy that for this special occasion she actually designed something perfect for herself and got it made at my dad's aunt - the super seamstress aunt Maryanne, who I hope to visit for a chat and tips in the coming weeks.

The myth was broken yesterday - off went the bags and on went the dress (and surprisingly it fit).

Please excuse my mum's impatience, she failed to button all the way down the back.

Here are details from the tapering and buttoned sleeve at the wrist, the gathers at the shoulders and the handmade head-dress of sorts which my mum commissioned from a lady in Qormi who used to specialise in bridal accessories - now that's an enviable post.

And some more details of the neckline and motifs which must have been attached at the shoulders and on a belt. We had to consult a wedding photo to make sure. For people who really love sewing, we really have a laid back approach to dresses after all. You'd think mum would remember what her dress was like and what went where. My mum just shrugged it off laughing - she only ever wanted a dress which looked good and that didn't bankrupt her. I'm glad we share some priorities after all.

One more thing.. Part one (of three) of the Design Chronicles interviews with Babettpolis is out and I cannot but feel happy about it. I'm fond of this initiative and the innovative way in which these people do business. Thanks.. and you may check it out for yourself here ::

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