Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A round-up of recent work..

A hiatus (where the work process on several .. and when I say several, I mean MANY .. projects starts) is followed by a deeply satisfying period of time where all of the projects are being finalised. A brief period of time in which outsiders who follow your work probably get the impression you're on a course of potent multivitamins or plain old trustworthy 'speed' (depends on personal taste). What really happens is that you go through a number of weeks where all the hard work of cutting and meeting and fitting and occasional swearing is being done and you have absolutely nothing to show for it in terms of pretty pictures (carefully cropped to avoid the cat-fur-tumble-weed, piles of bags, stray clumps of thread etc). Once that is done you are rewarded with a period of: being able to sit in the yard all day, soak up the sun, finish off the last few tasks like removing all loose threads, beading decorative pieces, hemming skirts etc . and to top that off, take photos of what you do and make it seem as easy as pie! This is one such project. A dress for my beauty pageant contender cousin.. the skirt of which saw me well into the early hours and through a bottle of wine (or perhaps a bit less than that.. I'm really a weakling when it comes to that). I took loads of photos of the work in progress in an attempt to alleviate the stress of having to cram in as much white tulle as possible whilst surreptitiously introducing colours.

On the plus side.. here's my all-grown-up-how/when-did-this-happen(?) cousin (yes we're related.. she's much taller and so much more toned.. end of story!) doing it justice on the catwalk.. It's good to see dresses where they belong. What's also very good is being given the opportunity to brush up on my tulle gathering skills.. it's nice to know that I can do it if the opportunity arises again!

This, on the other hand, is a more sober dress for a fitting occasion (no, not the other way round). I was 'wise' enough to scan the design for it (I usually lose/forget them) which the intended wearer selected from amongst four! .. I love how this turned out. Just what I had imagined. What was truly satisfying, though, was how well it fit .. I truly believe that this dress was meant to happen/become just for her!

.. And this is for her mother! I think looser fits are just as dressy and I'm out to convince people about this with this here outfit. The jacket's draping is longer in front than at the back and I just love the silhouette!

A while back I made a cat-inspired mask. A while later I created a matching metallic dress. It was all well and good. Then again, why not a red cape to match? I say go for it! .. especially if you have a music video to shoot!

This (and more) is what I do. This sunny day is proving lovely and productive. This sunny day made me realize it's high time I started thinking about my next personal 'object' oriented project. Meanwile, cold lemonade will do.

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