Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My perfect dress..

.. and by dress I do not mean wedding .. a perfect dress would see me through most of my make-believe 'occasions'. I find little scope in dealing with practical sartorial issues .. I do practical everyday .. I stick undergarments into each other, wear fuzzy tights on everything .. and therefore, especially here, in the virtual realm where nothing is what it seems etc etc; I will not dwell on 'the perfect blazer that'll see you from day to night' (especially since i have an inkling that the best one for me is vacuum packed somewhere in the YSL vaults - so out of reach it's numbing).

Instead I choose to attend to other useless and delightful sartorial dilemmas.

I want to find the perfect dress that'll see me through an audience with Cleopatra and the inevitable grape and honey stains down the front from lounging about whilst stuffing my face. I'm talking about the perfect dress for the perfect dream setting. A dress so timeless it could see me travel back and forth through time, making a nuisance of myself, stuffing my face but looking impeccable in the process. If I had to exist as a virtual model of myself in another dimension (i'm sure there's a word for this, and it's escaping me), this is what I'd fashion myself into.

A classic columnar dress by the (*bow head down in reverence) inimitable Madame Gres and a gold headdress to set it off.

(this is not a 'costume change', I haven't been invited to a ball at the Gangi palace, but a picture of something that surprised me. I've just realized I had to take some words back. There's yet hope for Dolce&Gabbana on my (also imaginary) staircase to designer heaven)

Call this, on the other hand, what you like.. cape, veil, curtain (it is a curtain afterall).. it gives me so much joy to play with it in natural light. The best kind of fun I could get for 2 euro.

*disclaimer: I just spent a very 'real' morning of 'real' scrubbing and 'real' washing, dusting, vacuuming. I need to look at wonderful things to nurse myself back to a comfortable part-imaginary state. Thanks for listening.

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